The first Whale Studio merchandise comes under the guise of POD-one. A pod is the term given to a social group of Whales. The designs pay homage to the unity of the POD with the signature four whale text emblem placed on the back of the garments.

Inspired by human’s interaction of Aquatic sea life, we decided to shoot by the Thames River, the most important river in England, as it runs directly through the middle of London. The concept also leads itself to the natural styling of what we like to call ‘The Fishing Lifeguard’. 
We decided to shoot the campaign Barbara Premo, a London based photographer and filmmaker who has featured work in Vulkan Magazine, FGUK magazine and Lewis Magazine.

Art Direction: Whale
Photographer: Barbera Premo
Styling: Whale
Retoucher: Barbarea Premo
Model: Kevin Becket